Hi Kobby.
I’ve really enjoyed reading some of your posts.
I live in the UK and I’m interested in the extent to which sakawa is likely to be a political issue in the December elections. Is taking action against sakawa likely to be a vote winner? What are the two main parties saying about it?
Best wishes,

Kobina Ankomah Graham

Dear CNN.com

Not that you care, but you have recently managed to annoy almost everyone in the otherwise rather goodwilled Ghanaian online community; a shame because many of us actually like your website.

Over time, Africans have become quite used to seeing our stories oversimplified, misreported or under reported by Western media agencies. Most recently, we watched and shook our heads as goings-on in Ivory Coast were simplified into a struggle between “Bad-gbo” (who must have been surprised to hear that his parents had changed his first name from ‘Laurent’ to ‘Strongman’) and ‘good guy’, Alassane Outtara: ‘good’ in spite of the fact that troops loyal to him are accused of some of the same crimes he says his defeated rival should be tried for.


Africans used to – no: still – complain about such bad reporting, but we have become used to seeing our dissent ignored in the…

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